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Find Out What the Future Has in Store

Spiritual readings provide valuable insight into the past, present, and future. We specialize in tarot cards and other spiritual reading techniques to help customers make better decisions about their lives. You'll also find a great selection of candles, oils, and other religious supplies at Body Mind and Soul in Jamaica, New York.


Gain insight into any facet of your life with a professional tarot reading. Our readers will connect you to a higher power and provide guidance on any issue you are facing. Whether you want advice on your love life or a solution to your financial problems, you'll find it at Body Mind and Soul. Unlock the secrets of the tarot deck or choose one of our other spiritual readers. We have spiritual specialists who practice techniques that you won't find anywhere else. Book an appointment today!

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Prices & Details

We strive to keep our prices affordable in order to make spiritual readings accessible to everyone. A tarot card reading in store is just $40 per half hour. Our services are also available over the phone for $80 per half hour. Walk-ins are always welcome.