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7-Day Spiritual Candles for Every Intention

Whether you seek guidance, love, prosperity, or any other desired outcome, our 7-Day Spiritual Candles can amplify your spiritual practice and bring you closer to your goals. They can be used in various rituals, meditations, and other religious practices to enhance specific intentions and invite their associated energies into your life.

By understanding the meanings behind the colors of these spiritual candles, you can make an informed choice that resonates with your prayers, wishes, and beliefs.


The white spiritual candle symbolizes purity, clarity, and spiritual cleansing. It is an ideal choice for invoking divine guidance, promoting inner peace, and creating a harmonious atmosphere for prayer and meditation.


Pink spiritual candles radiate love, compassion, and emotional healing. This gentle hue is often chosen to heal emotional wounds, cultivate self-love, foster empathy, and invite harmonious relationships into one's life.


The red spiritual candle represents passion, deep affection, courage, and strength. It is often used to attract love, ignite romance, or increase vitality and energy. Lighting a red candle can help enhance personal power, boost motivation, and stimulate positive action.


The yellow spiritual candle stimulates intellect, clarity, and optimism. Incorporating a yellow candle into your rituals can enhance mental focus, spark creativity, and invite a positive and joyful mindset.


Green spiritual candles embody abundance, prosperity, healing, and growth. They are frequently used to attract financial blessings, promote fertility, nurture flourishing relationships, and invoke the healing energies of nature.


The orange spiritual candle ignites passion, creativity, and joy. Light it to unleash your inner fire, foster artistic expression, boost motivation, and embrace transformative energies.


The blue spiritual candle symbolizes tranquility, intuition, inspiration, and spiritual protection. Utilizing a blue candle in your rituals can enhance meditation, deepen your connection with the divine, amplify your intuitive abilities, and create a sense of inner peace.


The black spiritual candle serves as protection from negative energies and harmful patterns. It is often used in rituals to banish negative influences, break bad habits, or remove obstacles. Use this candle to release what no longer serves you and invite positive change.


The purple spiritual candle signifies wisdom and transformation. It is often used for rituals related to spiritual awakening, deepening psychic abilities, and connecting with higher realms. Lighting a purple candle can enhance spiritual awareness, encourage inner growth, and support mystical experiences.

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