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Spiritual Oils and Botanica Candles in Jamaica, NY

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Enhance the effectiveness of your spiritual spells with spiritual oils and botanica candles in Jamaica, NY, available at Body Mind and Soul. Our store features an extensive collection of products, including 7-Day Candles, spiritual oils, and more.

Our 7-Day Candles are specially crafted to meet the needs of spiritualists in the Santeria religion. Each glass candle comes in a range of colors and designs that are designed to align with specific magical intentions. These candles are functional and serve as beautiful decorative pieces that uplift the atmosphere of any space.

In addition to our products, we offer tarot card reading in-store and over the phone. Our experienced readers are highly intuitive and can offer guidance on various spiritual matters, including love, relationships, career, and more.

Visit Body Mind and Soul in Jamaica, NY, to explore our extensive collection of botanica candles and spiritual oils. Our products are not only effective but also affordable, making them accessible to everyone seeking to enhance their spiritual practices.

Solid-Color Candles:

• Green – Green candles are used for money and prosperity spells. Green candles are also attributed to the Seven African Powers.

• Gold – Gold candles are associated with power and prosperity. Gold candles are associated with Olodumare (God).

• Red – Red candles are used in love and domination spells. Red candles are attributed to the Orisha Chango.

• Silver – Silver candles are used to represent protection and stability. Silver candles are associated with the Orisha Olocun.

• Yellow – Yellow candles are used in love and health spells. Yellow candles are associated with the Orishas Ochun and Babalu-Aye.

• Brown – Brown candles are associated with fertility and the harvest. Brown candles are associated with the Orishas Oya and Oko.

• White – White candles are used to bring peace and communication with our guardian angels. White candles are associated with the Orisha Obatala.

• Black – Black candles are used for destruction and communication with the spirits of the night.

• Blue – Blue candles are used to bring an individual peace and tranquility. Blue candles are associated with the Orisha Yemaya.

• Orange – Orange candles are used for protection and power.

• Purple – Purple candles are used for power and strength. Purple candles are associated with the Orisha Ochosi and San Lazaro.

• Pink – Pink candles are used in love spells and to bring peace to an unhappy home or location.

Specialty Candles:

• Seven African Powers - This candle is used for blessings, protection and special requests.

• Eleggua - This candle is used to bring success and opportunities.

• Yemaya - This candle is used for blessings and peace of mind.

• Chango Macho - This candle is used for protection and blessings.

• Santa Barbara - This candle is used to dominate and conquer your enemies.

•  Niño Atocha - This candle is used for special requests and to open the doors to success.

• San Miguel Archangel - This candle is used to reverse the evil eye and to destroy your enemies.

• San Ramon - This candle is used to stop your enemies from gossiping.

• San Simon - This candle is used for divine justice and special requests.

• La Santisima Muerte - This candle is used for Divine Justice and special requests.

• San Martin de Porres - This candle is used for spiritual communication and psychic powers.

• San Alejo - This candle is used to get rid of your enemies.

• San Martin Caballero - This candle is used for success in a business.

• San Judas Tadeo - This candle is used to bring an individual money and luck.

• Santa Lucia - This candle is used for healing, especially for ailments of the eyes.

• Santa Clara - This candle is used for special requests.

• Santa Martha - This candle is used to bring back a lover.

• San Lazaro - This candle is used to heal extremely sick individuals.

• San Eduvigis - This candle is used for victory in difficult court cases.

• Sacred Heart of Jesus - This candle is used for special requests and difficult problems.

• Sacred Heart of Mary - This candle is used to bring an individual blessings from heaven.

• Santa Helena - This candle is used to expose and to bring your enemies to justice.

• Saint Francis of Assisi - This candle is used to bring peace to an unhappy home.

• San Antonio - This candle is used to open the doors of success and blessings.

• Santa Teresa - This candle is used to bring an individual love.

Spirtual Oils:

• ADAM EVE – Brings lovers together who have quarreled or grown apart. • ACASIA – Holy oil-used to create a pure and holy atmosphere.
• ALBAHACA – Oil used as a cleanser to remove evil.

• ALL PURPOSE – Good luck oil used for any purpose.

• ALL SAINTS – Gain blessing from any saint you pray to. • ALMOND – Attracts money when added to incense.
• ALTAR – Used to create a peaceful and pure atmosphere. • AMANZA GUAPO – (tame him) oil used to control wanted male.
• AMBERGRIS – Used as an enchanting personal fragrance (charm purposes). • AMBER ROSE – Oil used for protection from all harm.(ill luck)
• ANISE – Place on body or bath water. Increase clairvoyant abilities. APPLE BLOSSOM -Place on body or bath. Creates contentment & happiness.
APHRODESIA - Sexy. Creates great passion in another. ASAFETIDA - Prevents any type of evil to get near you.
ATLANTIC CITY - Used for gambling occasion, to win. ATTAR ROSE - Enhancing sexual powers, overcome emotional barriers. (Love goals)
ATTRACTION - Sprinkle in shoes and bath when searching for a mate. BALM - Used to break negative conditions.
BALM GILIAD - Used to beautify skin. Also for love, protection & healing rituals. BANANA - Used for prosperity purposes & to heighten potency & fertility.
BASIL - Used as a love, wealth, prosperity in business & harmony oil. BAYBERRY - To draw money. Sprinkle on purse, body or pockets.
BAY RUM - Used as a healing oil, place it where the pain is located. BEND OVER - Power giving oil. Makes people obey your will.
• BEND OVER-Power giving oil. Makes people obey your will.
BERGAMOT- Very powerful money attraction, anoint wallets, purses and money with it.

•BEWITCHING – Wear this oil to pull other towards you for love and friendship.

• BINGO – Use on body or candle. To help you win at Bingo.

• BLACK ART – Good luck oil used for any purpose.

• BLACK CAT – Used for hexing, love &luck. Use on body or gambling device.

• BLOCK BUSTER – Breaks up obstacles. Place on a white candle & focus on the outcome.

• BOSS FIX – Use on boss’ chair or doorway. Will enhance your position.

• BREAK UP- Ease a break up situations.

• BUDDAH- Will help Buddha stimulate your mystical powers.

• BUSINESS- To bring additional business and to keep what you have.

• CALAMUS- To improve home atmosphere.

• CAMBIA VOZ - Change any taken decision.

CAMPHER- Place on controlling incense. Makes people agree with you.

CARNATION- Place on head of sick person. Hastens recovery.

• CASSIA- Tones down stress, increases power of concentration. Anoint wrists.

•CAST OFF EVIL- To overcome evil.

• CEDAR- Use to create confidence in your dealings.

• CHANGO- Gives gambling luck, also attracts wealth when oil is anointed on the body.

• CHASING-To remove any unwanted conditions.

• CHINESE- Will give you happiness, health, virtue, peace and long life.

• CHOCOLATE- Softens people's feelings towards you. Scent your home with this oil.

• CHYPRE- Helps increase business. Rub the cash register with this oil.

• CINNAMON- Used to bring good luck to your home.

 CITRONELLA-Used to attract friends and customers.

 • CROSSING – Sprinkle in enemies path. Use on dolls or images.

• COURT CASE – Use in court. Put on feet and hand. Good luck.

COURAGE – Used to create daring and determination. Overcome fear.

 • CYPRESS – Promotes healing when anointed on body.

CROSS DE CARAVACA – A wishing oil. Anoint parchment paper with your wishes with this oil and hide it.

 • DELIVERANCE – Aid in difficult positions. You can anoint seal of Mars.

• DAMNATION – Potent! Apply to cause great distress.

 • DESTROY – Its used to bring an opponent down.

• DEAD MAN’S DROP – Heightens protection & spiritual contact. Dress a candle or wear as perfume.

 • DO AS I SAY – Wear daily to create confidence in all you do.

• DESIRE ME – Used to arouse passion and attract your partner, anoint palms.

• DOMINATING- Use to determinate the scene and be sure of your abilities.

• DOVE’S BLOOD- Use when going to court or in any peace mission.

•  DRAGONS BLOOD- An uncrossing  oil to eliminate spells.

• DRAWING- Use in bringing in money luck or love.

• EASY- Used for good health , happiness and blessings.

• DREAM- A few drops in the pillow can help induce a quiet restful sleep.

• ENEMY- Oil also used for protection against those who try to hurt you. You can bath with  it.

• ELEGUA- For protection to keep away evil spirits as well as open doors. 1st you must ask for his blessing.

• EUCALYPTUS- A strong healing oil. Used on affected area.

• ESCAPE- To put negative situations & people behind you.

• FIRE- Creates affection between lovers. Apply to both foreheads.

• FANTASY- Make a fantasy  a reality. Use white and gold candle.

FLORAL– Sprinkle in enemies path. Use on dolls or images.

• FIRE OF LOVE- Compels another to think of you constantly.

FORTUNE- Used to become wealthy and attract money.

FOLLOW ME– Used to create daring and determination. Overcome fear.

FOUR WINDS- Heightens your mental powers, memory and ability to organize. Use on forehead or palm.

FOUR LEAVE CLOVER- Attracts good luck. Rub on finger tips when playing for money.

FRENCH LOVE- A strong love attraction oil, you can wear as a perfume.

FRANKINCENSE- Puts you in contact with positive spirits.

GAMBLER- To win at bingo, with dice or cards. Anoint anything connected to your gambling.

FRUIT OF LIFE- Oil to attract wealth, good fortune, love, good health, loyalty from your friends.

GUARDIAN ANGEL- When you are in trouble or in a difficult situation. Anoint heart and palms.

GO AWAY EVIL- Strong oil to send evil away whether it comes from a person or a spirit.

• HAPPINESS- Oil used to bring good vibrations, happiness, fun contentment wear it on neck.

• HAS NO HANNA- Used to keep love one close and used for good luck.

•  HEALING- Gives vitality to those who are fatigue and increases your energy level.

HIGH JOHN- Oil that makes you unstoppable and enables you to accomplish anything.

• HOLD YOUR MAN- Used by woman who are not certain of their mates fidelity.

• HOLY- To bring success and blessing.

• HONEYSUCKLE- An attraction oil bring the opposite sex to you..

•HOT FOOT- Used to move certain people away from you quickly. You can put it in their path.

I CAN, YOU CANT- Used when someone wants to take something away from you. Few drops on anything they touch.

• INTRANQUILO- Used make someone restless .

• IRRESISTIBLE- Used to attract the opposite sex.

• JINX REMOVER- Protect yourself from jinxes and crossed conditions.

• JOB- Wear it on your body gain a new job.

• JOCKEY CLUB- Used as a perfume to gain love and money.

• JUNIPER- Protection from all forms of evil.

• JUST JUDGE- Victory in court will be yours if you wear it.

• JU JU- Powerful for hex breaking or making.

• KHUS KHUS- A powerful and popular love oil.

• KING SOLOMON- Bring forth wisdom and intuitiveness.

LA MADAMA- Used to have power over the one you love.

• LADY LUCK- Used this oil for good fortune in gambling, money and love.

•LEMON- Promotes good health, healing and longevity also used for purification

• LILAC- Bring the aid of positive spirits, used for protection and heightens love.

• LILY OF THE VALLEY- Bring inner peace, calmness and comfort. Wear as a perfume.

LODESTONE-Draws good luck in all matters. Rub on hands and money.

• LOTUS- Women wear this to gain control over men.

• LOVE- Anoint your body to attract the opposite sex.

•LOVE DROPS- Your lover will always want to be near you. Anoint your ears, and throat.

• LUCKY 9- 9 oils to bring luck.

• LUCKY 13- A strong luck oil.

• LUCKY DOG- Attract winning luck at gambling , numbers or dog racing.

• MAGIG- Used to turn your impossible into a reality. Used it to bath.

• MAGNET- Attracts all forms of good luck and love as well as wealth and success.

MANDARIN- Increase your energy and uplift your mood.

• MARRIAGE- Keep your marriage harmonious.

MEMORY- To help you remember information for tests. Anoint your forehead .

• MILLIONAIRE- Riches and wealth will come to you.

• MINT- Used to energize you and increase your wealth.

• MISTLETOE- Its an all purpose oil.

• MOJO- A wishing oil. Anoint wrists and ankles before you ask your favors.

• MONEY DRAWING- Gain money in all ways. Rub this oil in your wallet

• MUSK- A world renown love and lust oil.

• MUSTARD- Brings joy and faith. Protects from negatives spirits.

• MYRRH- Strong protection and invocation oil.

• NARCISSUS- Anoint your body to bring calm, peace & harmony. Rub on your hand gambling luck.

• NUTMEG- Oil used to break evil hexes. Brings you protection, luck and money.

• ORANGE- Oil used to attract men as well as peace, power, and good fortune.

• ORCHID- Strong love powers used specially with marriage spells.

• PARADISE- Place it in your ear lobes & ankles so every step & everything you think is blessed.

• PASSION- Forces love to be felt even in the coldest heart.

• PATCHULI- used to attract money and love when added to incenses.

• PAY ME- Anoint statements and collected notices.

• PEACE- For peace and harmony in your life burn it with a white candle.

• PEACEFUL HOME- place it on your doorknob & burn peaceful home incense once a week for a happy family.

PEPPERMINT- Adds positive changes and movement in your life. Also used as a healing oil.

• PINE- A sacred oil used for purification, protection and gain aid of spirits.

• PINEAPPLE- Used to attract love & be protected from deception in love. Anoint a white and pink 7 day candle on a Friday.

•POWER- Oil used for bringing forth financial gain, business luck and new friendship.

• PROSPERITY- Attracts money wealth and success in business.

• PROTECTION- Protect yourself from curses, hexes, and evil. Sprinkle inside your home.

• Q- Used to arouse passion and find love.

• QUEEN OF SHEBA- Attracts others to you.

• RED ROSE- Oil used to attract friendship and love .

REVERSIBLE- Strong oil used to send evil back. Wear & anoint a reversible candle until you see results. Start on a Sunday.

• ROAD OPENER- Makes everything better, wear it on everyday.

ROSE OF CRUCIFIXION- it will make you immune to crossed conditions & evil.

• ROSEMARY- Used as healing oil.

RUE- Breaks hexes and jinxes. Add to bath water.

• RUN DEVIL RUN- Keep the devil out of your life. Anoint doorway & window frames.

• SASSAFRAS- Formulated to bring favorable decisions from court.

SACRED HEART OF JESUS- to make your wishes come true.

• ST. JUDE- To gain help in all endeavors. Add to St. Jude incense.

• SANDALWOOD- Used as healing oil massage bruised areas.

• ST. CLARA- A protection oil. Anoint a St. Clara candle and ask for her help.

SEPARATION- To separate two people. Dress 2 image candles.

SEVEN AFRICAN POWERS- Helps you in problems of love, money, luck and peace of mind.

• SEVEN HOLY SPIRITS- A powerful holy oil. Bath with this oil to gain confidence and tranquility.

• SHOWERS OF GOLD- To gain money quickly.

• SNAKE- used for healing, and in difficult court cases. Dress a green candle to bring money to you.

•SPEARMINT- Used to gain a good nights rest. Dress a purple candle to heighten your spirituality.

• SPECIAL #20- Used for luck when gambling anoint money or anything that connect to gambling.

SPECIAL FAVOR- Used to heighten your luck and success. Anoint master key.

SQUINT- A love oil to keep your mate faithful. Place it on their clothes.

• ST. ANTHONY- For a peaceful life with success & balance in all endeavors anoint his statue or picture & a white candle.

• ST. BARBARA- Used for courage, protection, healing & love. Anoint her statue or picture and your body & ask for her help.

•ST. EXPEDITE- For quick answers to imperative problems. Anoint frankincense incense & leave ashes outside your home.

• ST. JOSEPH- Used for a good life with confidence in heavenly protection. Do it with a daily pray.

• STEADY WORK- used when job hunting. Carry a green bag with Orris root, anoint the bag each morning.

• STRAWBERRY- Used to attract love & luck to wearer.

SUCCESS- Used to bring success in all things in life.

• SURE TO WIN- Rub a little on your hands before playing any games for good luck.

• SWEET- Attracts friendship to you when you anoint a pink candle on s Sunday.

• TOUCH ME NOT- When your unable to avoid people you don not want to see anoint yourself with this oil.

UNCROSSING- Removed both crossed & jinxed condition. Dress an uncrossing candle with this oil.

• UPLIFTING- When your mood needs a lift & you need energy boost. Use this oil in your wrists.

• VAN VAN- Oil used to strengthen the power of the user, in love, protection or jinx removing. 

• VANILLA- Used to bring happy occasions to the premises.

• VIOLET- Wear this oil to protect against all evil and change your luck. Also provides peace and calm.

WEALTHY WAY- Attract wealth. Anoint a green candle and burn it every day.

• WHITE LAVENDER- High protection & love spells are enhanced by this oil.

• WHITE ROSE- To gain peace and tranquility as well helps your marriage.

• WINNER'S CIRCLE- Used so good luck evades you.

• WINTERGREEN- A strong healing oil. Used to relief trouble breathing. Also attracts success and protection.

• ZODIAC- Always use in astral candles and bath to bring favorable influences.

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