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Spiritual Oils & Candles

Make your spells more effective with candles and oils from Body Mind and Soul in Jamaica, New York. We have a fantastic selection of 7 Day Candles, spiritual oils, and more. Spiritual readings are also available at our store or over the phone.

7 Day Candles

These glass, Botanica candles are commonly used by spiritualists in the Santeria religion and are a beautiful way to give people hope. We offer a wide variety of colors and designs, each with a specific magical use.

Solid-Color Candles:

• Green – Green candles are used for money and prosperity spells. Green candles are also attributed to the Seven African Powers.

• Gold – Gold candles are associated with power and prosperity. Gold candles are associated with Olodumare (God).

• Red – Red candles are used in love and domination spells. Red candles are attributed to the Orisha Chango.

• Silver – Silver candles are used to represent protection and stability. Silver candles are associated with the Orisha Olocun.

• Yellow – Yellow candles are used in love and health spells. Yellow candles are associated with the Orishas Ochun and Babalu-Aye.

• Brown – Brown candles are associated with fertility and the harvest. Brown candles are associated with the Orishas Oya and Oko.

• White – White candles are used to bring peace and communication with our guardian angels. White candles are associated with the Orisha Obatala.

• Black – Black candles are used for destruction and communication with the spirits of the night.

• Blue – Blue candles are used to bring an individual peace and tranquility. Blue candles are associated with the Orisha Yemaya.

• Orange – Orange candles are used for protection and power.

• Purple – Purple candles are used for power and strength. Purple candles are associated with the Orisha Ochosi and San Lazaro.

• Pink – Pink candles are used in love spells and to bring peace to an unhappy home or location.

Specialty Candles:

• Seven African Powers - This candle is used for blessings, protection and special requests.

• Eleggua - This candle is used to bring success and opportunities.

• Yemaya - This candle is used for blessings and peace of mind.

• Chango Macho - This candle is used for protection and blessings.

• Santa Barbara - This candle is used to dominate and conquer your enemies.

•  Niño Atocha - This candle is used for special requests and to open the doors to success.

• San Miguel Archangel - This candle is used to reverse the evil eye and to destroy your enemies.

• San Ramon - This candle is used to stop your enemies from gossiping.

• San Simon - This candle is used for divine justice and special requests.

• La Santisima Muerte - This candle is used for Divine Justice and special requests.

• San Martin de Porres - This candle is used for spiritual communication and psychic powers.

• San Alejo - This candle is used to get rid of your enemies.

• San Martin Caballero - This candle is used for success in a business.

• San Judas Tadeo - This candle is used to bring an individual money and luck.

• Santa Lucia - This candle is used for healing, especially for ailments of the eyes.

• Santa Clara - This candle is used for special requests.

• Santa Martha - This candle is used to bring back a lover.

• San Lazaro - This candle is used to heal extremely sick individuals.

• San Eduvigis - This candle is used for victory in difficult court cases.

• Sacred Heart of Jesus - This candle is used for special requests and difficult problems.

• Sacred Heart of Mary - This candle is used to bring an individual blessings from heaven.

• Santa Helena - This candle is used to expose and to bring your enemies to justice.

• Saint Francis of Assisi - This candle is used to bring peace to an unhappy home.

• San Antonio - This candle is used to open the doors of success and blessings.

• Santa Teresa - This candle is used to bring an individual love.

Spirtual Oils:

• ADAM EVE – Brings lovers together who have quarreled or grown apart. • ACASIA – Holy oil-used to create a pure and holy atmosphere.
• ALBAHACA – Oil used as a cleanser to remove evil.

• ALL PURPOSE – Good luck oil used for any purpose.

• ALL SAINTS – Gain blessing from any saint you pray to. • ALMOND – Attracts money when added to incense.
• ALTAR – Used to create a peaceful and pure atmosphere. • AMANZA GUAPO – (tame him) oil used to control wanted male.
• AMBERGRIS – Used as an enchanting personal fragrance (charm purposes). • AMBER ROSE – Oil used for protection from all harm.(ill luck)
• ANISE – Place on body or bath water. Increase clairvoyant abilities. APPLE BLOSSOM -Place on body or bath. Creates contentment & happiness.
APHRODESIA - Sexy. Creates great passion in another. ASAFETIDA - Prevents any type of evil to get near you.
ATLANTIC CITY - Used for gambling occasion, to win. ATTAR ROSE - Enhancing sexual powers, overcome emotional barriers. (Love goals)
ATTRACTION - Sprinkle in shoes and bath when searching for a mate. BALM - Used to break negative conditions.
BALM GILIAD - Used to beautify skin. Also for love, protection & healing rituals. BANANA - Used for prosperity purposes & to heighten potency & fertility.
BASIL - Used as a love, wealth, prosperity in business & harmony oil. BAYBERRY - To draw money. Sprinkle on purse, body or pockets.
BAY RUM - Used as a healing oil, place it where the pain is located. BEND OVER - Power giving oil. Makes people obey your will.
• BEND OVER-Power giving oil. Makes people obey your will.
BERGAMOT- Very powerful money attraction, anoint wallets, purses and money with it.

•BEWITCHING – Wear this oil to pull other towards you for love and friendship.

• BINGO – Use on body or candle. To help you win at Bingo.

• BLACK ART – Good luck oil used for any purpose.

• BLACK CAT – Used for hexing, love &luck. Use on body or gambling device.

• BLOCK BUSTER – Breaks up obstacles. Place on a white candle & focus on the outcome.

• BOSS FIX – Use on boss’ chair or doorway. Will enhance your position.

• BREAK UP- Ease a break up situations.

• BUDDAH- Will help Buddha stimulate your mystical powers.

• BUSINESS- To bring additional business and to keep what you have.

• CALAMUS- To improve home atmosphere.

• CAMBIA VOZ - Change any taken decision.

CAMPHER- Place on controlling incense. Makes people agree with you.

CARNATION- Place on head of sick person. Hastens recovery.

• CASSIA- Tones down stress, increases power of concentration. Anoint wrists.

•CAST OFF EVIL- To overcome evil.

• CEDAR- Use to create confidence in your dealings.

• CHANGO- Gives gambling luck, also attracts wealth when oil is anointed on the body.

• CHASING-To remove any unwanted conditions.

• CHINESE- Will give you happiness, health, virtue, peace and long life.

• CHOCOLATE- Softens people's feelings towards you. Scent your home with this oil.

• CHYPRE- Helps increase business. Rub the cash register with this oil.

• CINNAMON- Used to bring good luck to your home.

 CITRONELLA-Used to attract friends and customers.

 • CROSSING – Sprinkle in enemies path. Use on dolls or images.

• COURT CASE – Use in court. Put on feet and hand. Good luck.

COURAGE – Used to create daring and determination. Overcome fear.

 • CYPRESS – Promotes healing when anointed on body.

CROSS DE CARAVACA – A wishing oil. Anoint parchment paper with your wishes with this oil and hide it.

 • DELIVERANCE – Aid in difficult positions. You can anoint seal of Mars.

• DAMNATION – Potent! Apply to cause great distress.

 • DESTROY – Its used to bring an opponent down.

• DEAD MAN’S DROP – Heightens protection & spiritual contact. Dress a candle or wear as perfume.

 • DO AS I SAY – Wear daily to create confidence in all you do.

• DESIRE ME – Used to arouse passion and attract your partner, anoint palms.

• DOMINATING- Use to determinate the scene and be sure of your abilities.

• DOVE’S BLOOD- Use when going to court or in any peace mission.

•  DRAGONS BLOOD- An uncrossing  oil to eliminate spells.

• DRAWING- Use in bringing in money luck or love.

• EASY- Used for good health , happiness and blessings.

• DREAM- A few drops in the pillow can help induce a quiet restful sleep.

• ENEMY- Oil also used for protection against those who try to hurt you. You can bath with  it.

• ELEGUA- For protection to keep away evil spirits as well as open doors. 1st you must ask for his blessing.

• EUCALYPTUS- A strong healing oil. Used on affected area.

• ESCAPE- To put negative situations & people behind you.

• FIRE- Creates affection between lovers. Apply to both foreheads.

• FANTASY- Make a fantasy  a reality. Use white and gold candle.

FLORAL– Sprinkle in enemies path. Use on dolls or images.

• FIRE OF LOVE- Compels another to think of you constantly.

FORTUNE- Used to become wealthy and attract money.

FOLLOW ME– Used to create daring and determination. Overcome fear.

FOUR WINDS- Heightens your mental powers, memory and ability to organize. Use on forehead or palm.

FOUR LEAVE CLOVER- Attracts good luck. Rub on finger tips when playing for money.

FRENCH LOVE- A strong love attraction oil, you can wear as a perfume.

FRANKINCENSE- Puts you in contact with positive spirits.

GAMBLER- To win at bingo, with dice or cards. Anoint anything connected to your gambling.

FRUIT OF LIFE- Oil to attract wealth, good fortune, love, good health, loyalty from your friends.

GUARDIAN ANGEL- When you are in trouble or in a difficult situation. Anoint heart and palms.

GO AWAY EVIL- Strong oil to send evil away whether it comes from a person or a spirit.

• HAPPINESS- Oil used to bring good vibrations, happiness, fun contentment wear it on neck.

• HAS NO HANNA- Used to keep love one close and used for good luck.

•  HEALING- Gives vitality to those who are fatigue and increases your energy level.

HIGH JOHN- Oil that makes you unstoppable and enables you to accomplish anything.

• HOLD YOUR MAN- Used by woman who are not certain of their mates fidelity.

• HOLY- To bring success and blessing.

• HONEYSUCKLE- An attraction oil bring the opposite sex to you..

•HOT FOOT- Used to move certain people away from you quickly. You can put it in their path.

I CAN, YOU CANT- Used when someone wants to take something away from you. Few drops on anything they touch.

• INTRANQUILO- Used make someone restless .

• IRRESISTIBLE- Used to attract the opposite sex.

• JINX REMOVER- Protect yourself from jinxes and crossed conditions.

• JOB- Wear it on your body gain a new job.

• JOCKEY CLUB- Used as a perfume to gain love and money.

• JUNIPER- Protection from all forms of evil.

• JUST JUDGE- Victory in court will be yours if you wear it.

• JU JU- Powerful for hex breaking or making.

• KHUS KHUS- A powerful and popular love oil.

• KING SOLOMON- Bring forth wisdom and intuitiveness.

LA MADAMA- Used to have power over the one you love.

• LADY LUCK- Used this oil for good fortune in gambling, money and love.

•LEMON- Promotes good health, healing and longevity also used for purification

• LILAC- Bring the aid of positive spirits, used for protection and heightens love.

• LILY OF THE VALLEY- Bring inner peace, calmness and comfort. Wear as a perfume.

LODESTONE-Draws good luck in all matters. Rub on hands and money.

• LOTUS- Women wear this to gain control over men.

• LOVE- Anoint your body to attract the opposite sex.

•LOVE DROPS- Your lover will always want to be near you. Anoint your ears, and throat.

• LUCKY 9- 9 oils to bring luck.

• LUCKY 13- A strong luck oil.

• LUCKY DOG- Attract winning luck at gambling , numbers or dog racing.

• MAGIG- Used to turn your impossible into a reality. Used it to bath.

• MAGNET- Attracts all forms of good luck and love as well as wealth and success.

MANDARIN- Increase your energy and uplift your mood.

• MARRIAGE- Keep your marriage harmonious.

MEMORY- To help you remember information for tests. Anoint your forehead .

• MILLIONAIRE- Riches and wealth will come to you.

• MINT- Used to energize you and increase your wealth.

• MISTLETOE- Its an all purpose oil.

• MOJO- A wishing oil. Anoint wrists and ankles before you ask your favors.

• MONEY DRAWING- Gain money in all ways. Rub this oil in your wallet

• MUSK- A world renown love and lust oil.

• MUSTARD- Brings joy and faith. Protects from negatives spirits.

• MYRRH- Strong protection and invocation oil.

• NARCISSUS- Anoint your body to bring calm, peace & harmony. Rub on your hand gambling luck.

• NUTMEG- Oil used to break evil hexes. Brings you protection, luck and money.

• ORANGE- Oil used to attract men as well as peace, power, and good fortune.

• ORCHID- Strong love powers used specially with marriage spells.

• PARADISE- Place it in your ear lobes & ankles so every step & everything you think is blessed.

• PASSION- Forces love to be felt even in the coldest heart.

• PATCHULI- used to attract money and love when added to incenses.

• PAY ME- Anoint statements and collected notices.

• PEACE- For peace and harmony in your life burn it with a white candle.

• PEACEFUL HOME- place it on your doorknob & burn peaceful home incense once a week for a happy family.

PEPPERMINT- Adds positive changes and movement in your life. Also used as a healing oil.

• PINE- A sacred oil used for purification, protection and gain aid of spirits.

• PINEAPPLE- Used to attract love & be protected from deception in love. Anoint a white and pink 7 day candle on a Friday.

•POWER- Oil used for bringing forth financial gain, business luck and new friendship.

• PROSPERITY- Attracts money wealth and success in business.

• PROTECTION- Protect yourself from curses, hexes, and evil. Sprinkle inside your home.

• Q- Used to arouse passion and find love.

• QUEEN OF SHEBA- Attracts others to you.

• RED ROSE- Oil used to attract friendship and love .

REVERSIBLE- Strong oil used to send evil back. Wear & anoint a reversible candle until you see results. Start on a Sunday.

• ROAD OPENER- Makes everything better, wear it on everyday.

ROSE OF CRUCIFIXION- it will make you immune to crossed conditions & evil.

• ROSEMARY- Used as healing oil.

RUE- Breaks hexes and jinxes. Add to bath water.

• RUN DEVIL RUN- Keep the devil out of your life. Anoint doorway & window frames.

• SASSAFRAS- Formulated to bring favorable decisions from court.

SACRED HEART OF JESUS- to make your wishes come true.

• ST. JUDE- To gain help in all endeavors. Add to St. Jude incense.

• SANDALWOOD- Used as healing oil massage bruised areas.

• ST. CLARA- A protection oil. Anoint a St. Clara candle and ask for her help.

SEPARATION- To separate two people. Dress 2 image candles.

SEVEN AFRICAN POWERS- Helps you in problems of love, money, luck and peace of mind.

• SEVEN HOLY SPIRITS- A powerful holy oil. Bath with this oil to gain confidence and tranquility.

• SHOWERS OF GOLD- To gain money quickly.

• SNAKE- used for healing, and in difficult court cases. Dress a green candle to bring money to you.

•SPEARMINT- Used to gain a good nights rest. Dress a purple candle to heighten your spirituality.

• SPECIAL #20- Used for luck when gambling anoint money or anything that connect to gambling.

SPECIAL FAVOR- Used to heighten your luck and success. Anoint master key.

SQUINT- A love oil to keep your mate faithful. Place it on their clothes.

• ST. ANTHONY- For a peaceful life with success & balance in all endeavors anoint his statue or picture & a white candle.

• ST. BARBARA- Used for courage, protection, healing & love. Anoint her statue or picture and your body & ask for her help.

•ST. EXPEDITE- For quick answers to imperative problems. Anoint frankincense incense & leave ashes outside your home.

• ST. JOSEPH- Used for a good life with confidence in heavenly protection. Do it with a daily pray.

• STEADY WORK- used when job hunting. Carry a green bag with Orris root, anoint the bag each morning.

• STRAWBERRY- Used to attract love & luck to wearer.

SUCCESS- Used to bring success in all things in life.

• SURE TO WIN- Rub a little on your hands before playing any games for good luck.

• SWEET- Attracts friendship to you when you anoint a pink candle on s Sunday.

• TOUCH ME NOT- When your unable to avoid people you don not want to see anoint yourself with this oil.

UNCROSSING- Removed both crossed & jinxed condition. Dress an uncrossing candle with this oil.

• UPLIFTING- When your mood needs a lift & you need energy boost. Use this oil in your wrists.

• VAN VAN- Oil used to strengthen the power of the user, in love, protection or jinx removing. 

• VANILLA- Used to bring happy occasions to the premises.

• VIOLET- Wear this oil to protect against all evil and change your luck. Also provides peace and calm.

WEALTHY WAY- Attract wealth. Anoint a green candle and burn it every day.

• WHITE LAVENDER- High protection & love spells are enhanced by this oil.

• WHITE ROSE- To gain peace and tranquility as well helps your marriage.

• WINNER'S CIRCLE- Used so good luck evades you.

• WINTERGREEN- A strong healing oil. Used to relief trouble breathing. Also attracts success and protection.

• ZODIAC- Always use in astral candles and bath to bring favorable influences.

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